5 Free Marketing Tools Agencies Use

Ever wonder how marketing agencies make the magic happen? It’s pretty simple: they leverage people and tools. Most agencies utilize a variety of free 3rd-party tools that you can use too! We’ve developed a quick hit-list of the 5 best free tools to help you simplify your marketing. Did we mention that these tools are 100% free?

1. MailChimp

By far (and we’re talking really really far), Mailchimp is our favorite email marketing platform – and most people agree with us. MailChimp allows you to setup a completely free account where you can send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free. No contracts, and no credit card required. It’s free forever. Seriously, these guys (and gals) rock.


Try it out free: http://mailchimp.com/

2. Survey Monkey

What’s with the monkey-related tools right? We’re not sure but SurveyMonkey is another awesome free tool where you can send digital surveys to our clients and customers. Their free account enables you to send 10 questions with a capped maximum of
100 responses.


Try it out free: https://www.surveymonkey.com/

3. Google Analytics

Easily one of the most popular website analytics tools out there, Google Analytics is a no-brainer. Just install a small piece of code on your website and you’ll start tracking who is visiting your website, how often and what they’re viewing. And just to top it off, it’s totally free. We’re not kidding – no trials, caps or restrictions.


Try it free here: http://www.google.com/analytics/

4. Hootsuite

So what about social media? Sure you can manage all of your social media profiles individually and manually, but who has time for that? Hootsuite is a fantastic social media tool that allows you to manage your entire social presence from one comprehensive dashboard. But that’s not even the best part. They also enable you to setup automation so your blog (or any rss feed) will publish new posts to your social media channels. And you guessed it, they have a free plan that is pretty sweet.


Try it free here: https://hootsuite.com/

5. Sidekick

We save the best for last. With Sidekick email tracking, get live notifications when someone opens or clicks on one of your emails. Know when, how many times, where, and from what device they opened your email. Sidekick also shows you powerful information about your contacts right in your inbox. See a contact’s professional history, where they live, mutual contacts, email history and so much more. And yes, there is a free version.


Try it free here: http://www.getsidekick.com/