Case Studies

Case Study: VGO Engineering

The folks at VGO approached us with a specific need: help them evaluate, strategize and execute more effective marketing for their engineering firm.

Their existing marketing was stagnant and they knew that it was time to  re-imagine VGO to better engage and reach their customers.

  • Brand was outdated
  • Messaging was boring and not engaging
  • Social media was non-existent
  • Website was old and not mobile-friendly

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Case Study: Voxity Productions

When we first talked with Voxity Productions, they weren’t Voxity Productions – they were called Little Engine PDX. The owners came to us seeking a complete rebrand – including a name change.

The challenge was that the current name, brand and marketing was not engaging their audience. It was a bit too playful and didn’t feel professional enough for their target market.

  • Business name needed a change
  • Brand was not professional enough
  • Messaging needed a consistent voice
  • Website was stark and not image-centric

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