Email Tracking 101: A Beginners Guide

When you send an important email, how do you know if the person opened it – or even received it? Below we’ll explore how you can add Email Tracking to your sales arsenal and why it’s useful.

Chapter 1. What is email tracking?

Email tracking technology notifies you know when an email you’ve sent has been opened or clicked. Unlike read receipts, email technology works in the background without interrupting you or your customer.


Here’s why we find email tracking notifications important:

Email Opens: If a prospect has opened an email once, they’ve, well, opened up the email at least once. But if a we begin seeing an email opened multiple times … this is a good indication of how interested a prospect is in your business.

Email Clicks: If sales is sending links to valuable information in our email outreach, understanding how our prospects are engaging with those links is critical. While an open symbolizes an email being accurately delivered, a click shows a real interest in what you have to say.

Chapter 2. Tracking emails isn’t creepy.

Wait a minute — aren’t people weirded out by this? Well, they could be. But that’s up to you.

Like all communication platforms — whether it be a social media site like Facebook or an email tracking tool like Sidekick — you are given the opportunity to be a huge creep. But those who understand how to use the communication platform, and use it with the end customer in mind, will be incredibly effective with email tracking.

Think about it: By better understanding how our prospects and customers interact with us, the more informed we are, and the better we can communicate with them.If we receive an email open alert, there would be no need to send the annoying “just checking-in to see if you got my email” email.

Benefit 1: You’re saving time: If you see an email open notification flash your screen … and the notification tells you the prospect is on a desktop device … and then it tells you that they’re clicking on the links you sent … you now know your prospect is … at their desk and has your business on their mind.

Benefit 2: You’re engaging with the right context: Every tracked email is a seed waiting to grow. And as it grows, it starts to reveal more and more information for your sales process.

Chapter 3. How to track emails.

Sending a tracked email is simple. It takes three steps.

Step 1: Install an email tracking app: There’s a few different email tracking systems out there. Of course, we recommend using Sidekick because it’s our preferred email tracking platform. It can be used for free for 200 tracking notifications a month.

Step 2: Send a tracked email: Depending on which email tracking system you install, the next step will alter. With Sidekick, you’ll automatically notice a little checked box appear in your Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail to show that your email will be tracked. Compose your email as you would normally, and simply hit send.

Step 3: Receive notifications: Once your email is sent, your email tracking software should automatically alert you when your email recipients are opening or clicking your emails. You already learned some ways our users are responding to these notifications in chapter three, but feel free to take advantage of them as you see best.

Hungry for more?

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