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Promotional  / Advertising Videos

Promotional content and advertisements typically have a higher production value, and take a creative approach to communicating your message. With the goals of the video in mind, our team spends time developing unique concepts. Once a direction is chosen, we work with a scalable and talented production team for filming and editing. We reach a final draft when everybody is in love with the video.

Company Culture Videos

The point of a culture video is to tell your story while drawing an emotional connection with your viewers. Put simply, you want to inform and connect. Inform your viewers about your business and what makes you unique in your industry. Tell them about your history, your passion, and your culture while your viewer builds trust with you and your brand.

Social / Content Videos

 Content is king these days and nothing gets more engagement than video. Whether it’s for your social media, website, or blog, consistent content video content has the ability to engage your audience and build brand loyalty. The name of the game here is short and sweet. It can be a monthly update from your CEO, a weekly How-To video, or pretty much anything that reflects your brand.

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