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Company Culture Videos

Who You Are, What You Do, Why You Do It

The point of a culture video is to tell your story while drawing an emotional connection with your viewers. Put simply, you want to inform and connect. Inform your viewers about your business and what makes you unique in your industry. Tell them about your history, your passion, and your culture while your viewer builds trust with you and your brand.

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Aerial / Drone Videos

Bird’s Eye View

When it comes to capturing the attention of your viewers, aerial footage gets the job done. It’s just flat-out beautiful. Adding aerials to your video can increase retention and viewer engagement. It can also give your video that extra bit of professionalism. Get creative about the different ways you could use aerial footage in your video.

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Interview / Testimonial Videos

Let Others Do The Talking

Sometimes it’s best to let your employees and clients speak for you. An interview video simply puts your subject in front of the camera and lets them do the work. An employee can talk about their passion for working at your company and a client or consumer can talk about how in love they are with your product or service. Either way, interviews can be powerful communication tools.

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Promotional / Content Videos

Short & Sweet

 Content is king these days and nothing gets more engagement than video. Whether it’s for your social media, website, or blog, consistent promotional video content has the ability to engage your audience and build brand loyalty. The name of the game here is short and sweet. It can be a monthly update from your CEO, a weekly How-To video, or pretty much anything that reflects your brand.

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