Want to serve personalized, local content to website users?

What if you could automatically detect a website visitor’s location and seamlessly provide them with personalized, local website content based on their location? Well, now you can! In partnership with WP Engine, our fully-managed, worry-free website hosting enables you to personalize your website to each of your visitors by location. It’s called GeoIP technology and it rocks.

What is it?

GeoIP is new technology that pinpoints a website user’s approximate location which enables you to serve unique page content based on different locations. What’s unique about GeoIP is that it integrates with the our built-in wordpress website hosting cache system for scale.

Additionally, the GeoIP look-up actually happens at the server-level so there is no need to connect with an external service to provide the data, which can be expensive and result in slow load times. This makes it faster than any third party service and appropriate for many exciting business applications.

Why use it?

With GeoIP, you can immediately redirect visitors to content in their language or currency, display geographically-specific content, or hide irrelevant content. GeoIP empowers you to create more relevant, targeted, personalized user experiences such as:

  • Create a personal user experience by showing content especially useful to visitors in a certain location
  • Maintain website speed and performance by eliminating both the need for third-party plugins and the need to exempt pages from caching if using GeoIP
  • Comply with regional legal regulations by having an experience just for that geography. For example, you could show the required cookies notice in the UK but not have that degraded experience shown in the U.S.
How do I get it?

To take advantage of GeoIP, you’ll need to host your website with Sproutbox. If you’re already hosting your website with us, just let us know that you’re interested and we’ll scope out the best way to integrate and leverage GeoIP. If you’re interesting in migrating your hosting over to Sproutbox, let us know and we can talk about a migration + GeoIP integration.

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