Social Media, Marketing & PR for Small Businesses

Social Media, Marketing &amp PR for small businesses is often confusing and lumped into a single bucket that is always overflowing. Take a peek at the article below from Mashable which gives some good tips on managing your social presence.

“It’s no secret that the face of public relations has changed in a major way since the advent of social media, which typically falls under the larger umbrella of general marketing. So who is responsible for what? When does the PR team handle social? Does your business need a separate social media division? What’s a growing business to do?

To sort through the confusion, we’ve talked to a few experts to get their opinions and advice on the matter.

A case-by-case basis
For many larger corporations, it certainly makes sense to have a full-scale marketing team, complete with a division that exclusively handles social media and at least a few positions dedicated solely to public relations. For a smaller or growing business, however, the lines are often blurred.”

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