WordPress Website Hosting 101

Website hosting is a little like the wild-west – especially when it comes to hosting a wordpress website. From GoDaddy to your local telecommunications company, just about everyone offers website hosting (by the way avoid GoDaddy at all costs for wordpress hosting).

WordPress Hosting “Must-haves”

Finding the right place to host your website is serious business. You want to make sure it’s backed up, updated regularly and secure – not to mention high up-time (we’re talking like 99.7%). Below is a quick list of hosting “must-haves” for wordpress websites.

  • Daily Backups / One-click Restore Points
  • Automated WordPress Core Updates
  • Automatic Security Scanning & Monitoring

It’s also nice to have: managed plugin updates, CDN (content delivery network), server-level caching and a staging environment.

Types of Hosting

There are two primary types of website hosting: self-managed and fully-managed hosting. We’ll explore both options below so you can figure out which type best fits your needs.

Self-Managed Hosting

Self-managed hosting means you are responsible for either directly managing or working with a hosting company to setup the hosting environment, perform on-going updates & maintenance and troubleshoot any future issues. There are different levels of self-managed hosting – all the way from cheap $5/mo (ex. siteground.com) to enterprise-level local or cloud servers. At the end of the day, the buck stops at you. Typically you will pay less or have greater cost flexibility and you will have more control over the hosting environment, features etc.

This option is a good fit for: Businesses who have internal IT expertise and feel comfortable managing the hosting environment and/or interfacing with a 3rd-party hosting company.

Here are a few self-managed hosting companies we recommend:

Fully-Managed Hosting

Fully-managed hosting means you hire a company to take care of everything for you. They manage the setup, update wordpress core & plugins, perform daily backups and manage any issues or problems. Think of fully-managed wordpress hosting like hiring your own dedicated team of experts to take care of your website. The overall cost is usually higher but for many businesses, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

This option is a good fit for: Businesses who don’t have the time, expertise or desire to manage their website hosting and are willing to pay a little extra for the peace of mind.

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